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The Best Boat Detailing Products

Our professional Boat Detailing team has used and experimented with dozens of the best boat detailing products on the market.  We have compared different marine waxes, polishes, oxidation removal solutions, vinyl cleaning products, non-skid cleaner, and boat washes to create a list of our favorite products.  These are products that are always in our arsenal of boat detailing supplies.  If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ve come to the rights place! We will give you our professional opinion on some of the best boat detailing supplies for your boat.



Best Boat Wash

Star Brite Citrus Boat Wash

This stuff is great!  Star Brite makes really high quality products and this is one of our favorite boat washes.  It smells great, it’s biodegradable and it works.  A high quality boat soap is necessary to keeping boats in amazing condition.  This stuff is great get yourself a bottle and give it a try here!




Best Non Skid Deck cleaner

Star Brite Deck Cleaner with PTEF

You really can’t go wrong with the StarBrite Cleaning Products.  This stuff is slightly toxic so don’t use it on boats that are in the water and always wear gloves and eye protection!  That being said this stuff takes the scrubbing out of scrubbing the deck.  All you have to do it spray the cleaner on the deck, rub it in with a hard brush,let it sit for 5 minutes and then spray it off.  It will remove most of the dirt and stains without any heavy scrubbing.  You can get yourself a bottle here!




Vinyl Boat seat cleaner

Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover

Here we have yet another Star Brite product. No we are not endorsed by Star Brite, but they do make some of the best boat cleaning products on the market today.  This stuff is AMAZING, Apply it to your vinyl boat seats, scrub it in with a brush, rinse it off  and watch as your seats return to showroom condition.  We use this product professionally to clean boat interiors, the stuff works.  Get a bottle here!




Best boat detailing products

Meguiar’s Super Degreaser

In terms of a multi purpose boat detailing product, this does it all.  Whether you are cleaning your engine, vinyl or removing stains this stuff will get the job done.  We always have a bottle of super degreaser with us when we are on the job because it has tons of uses.  This is a fantastic product for all of your detailing needs, plus a concentrated one gallon container makes 10 gallons of  cleaning product!  Get some Super Degreaser here.




Meguiar’s Oxidation Remover

We’ve used a number of different oxidation removing products over the years but Meguiar’s has become the main product we use.  Meguiar’s oxidation remover is tough on heavy oxidation always gets the job done right.  We LOVE this stuff!  It is definitely one of the best oxidation removal compounds on the market,  Get a bottle here!




Meguiars High Gloss Polish

We use Meguiar’s gelcoat restoration products because over years of cleaning boat professionally we have decided that they work the best.  This polish is fantastic and always leaves boats with that beautiful showroom shine.  You can get yourself some here!





Best Marine Boat Wax

Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Marine Wax

This wax is great!  It is Meguiar’s “high-end”  marine wax so it is a little bit pricey but that being said, it will protect your gel-coat and make your boat look amazing. It’s a liquid solution it’s extremely easy to apply, just use an orbital buffer or wipe it on by hand.  This product will keep your boat in great condition for years to come and is worth the extra few bucks.  Get yourself a bottle here!



These are the best boat detailing products that we have found in our experience.  We use them in our professional services and they will make your boat look amazing while protecting it at the same time.  We hope that this list helps you do-it-yourselfers get a better idea of what some good products are to use on your boats!


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